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IV Ketamine Therapy

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IV Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is an anesthetic drug that has been used in clinical practices since long. It is a safe analgesic medication which was primarily used by anesthesiologists for sedation during surgery. It is now one of the most commonly used pharmaceuticals in the world. In addition to being a powerful analgesic, ketamine is also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties. Sometimes the effect of chronic pain amplifies the symptoms of depression and increased depression amplifies the feeling and symptoms of chronic pain. Both go hand-in-hand. Such types of medical situations are difficult to treat. However, Ketamine has profoundly proven to be effective. The IV Ketamine therapy helps in the treatment of depression, and other mood disorders, as well as chronic pain conditions that have otherwise failed traditional treatments.

Benefits of IV Ketamine Therapy

1. Prevents Depression

Ketamine is a breakthrough for treating severe depression. It helps in handling various mood disorders.

2. Treats Chronic Pain

It is a wonderful treatment for curing pain. Ketamine tends to send good signals to the brain, thereby reducing the sensations of pain.

3. Used as Anesthetic During Surgeries

It’s widely used as an anesthetic during surgeries. It tends to blunt the pain sensations.

4. Prevents suicidal attempts

Depression is one of the major causes of suicide attempts. Since ketamine treatment is helpful in treating depression, it has also been able to prevent suicidal attempts.

5. Makes Your Body More Functional

The IV Ketamine therapy is guaranteed to make your body more functional. It is an excellent anti-depression treatment. It also relieves you from chronic pain. Hence, there are many benefits of IV Ketamine therapy that make it a must-have treatment. You can get the therapy at our Medical Weight Loss PC in the Jackson Heights at an affordable price.       Book now $550

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