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Testosterone Therapy

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When to get a Testosterone Therapy?

Your Way to Wellness

Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time? Does it feel like you don’t have enough energy even if you seem to be in a good physical health? Do you feel that you are losing your muscle mass? These symptoms can indicate a low level of testosterone among men, one of the most common problems that come with age or due to various other factors. If you suffer from low testosterone levels then you need a proper therapy by an expert medical practitioner. Medication is not the only cure to testosterone imbalance. In order to safely increase your testosterone level, you need a complete therapy managed by a qualified medical professional. Medical Weight Loss PC prides itself in offering this service at our Jackson Heights weight loss clinic.

What is a Testosterone Therapy?

A balanced testosterone level is crucial to a healthier and happier life. It plays a vital role in keeping stress at bay and supports your weight loss and fitness endeavors as well. Testosterone therapy involves a number of treatments and methods including medication and dietary changes. Based on your symptoms and physical exam our medical experts will decide how to increase testosterone levels in your blood stream by using a variety of treatment methods. The most common methods are:

Testosterone Gel

The doctor will recommend that you use a testosterone gel daily. The gel should be applied to upper arms, shoulders, thighs, intra-nasal areas or your underarms. The gel provides a recommended dose of testosterone over a 24-hour period.

Testosterone Skin Patch

This treatment type includes a hormone that is applied to the scrotum or any other body part. The patch is designed to deliver a consistent testosterone level for 24 hours. You would need to change the patch daily.

Intramuscular Shots

A short acting dose of testosterone will be injected every two weeks. Usually, you need a shot after every 10 weeks, depending on what your therapist recommends for you.

Is This Treatment Safe?

The testosterone hormone therapy is a relatively safe treatment if performed under medical supervision. We offer you the most reliable testosterone therapy at a price that you can easily afford. If you think you are a candidate for Testosterone Therapy, call us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced medical professionals at our Jackson Heights weight loss clinic.

Effective TRT Treatment for Men

We offer a comprehensive testosterone replacement program for men. For an affordable price of $200 per month, our customers get:
  • Detailed patient history
  • A complete physical exam by our experienced physician
  • Extensive Laboratory tests and assessment
  • Consultations throughout the treatment period

Our Treatment Plan

We are offering our customers a full therapeutic testosterone program, including three primary medications as directed by the physician. Commonly prescribed medications include:
  • Testosterone 200mg, 1 cc once a week
  • HCG 50 Units, twice each week
  • Estrogen Blocker 1-3 mg each week

Estrogen Blockers and their Usefulness in Male TRT

Pharmaceutical estrogen blockers in men help increase the testosterone levels. They are primarily used to treat hypogonadism and to alleviate symptoms like reduced libido, low sperm count, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction. Blocking estrogen hormone in men is an effective procedure to increase their infertility. The estrogen blockers with HCG are safe treatments performed under many expert medical supervision. The dosage depends on the history of the patient and their dependence on other medicines.

Why do You Need HCG in Hormone Replacement?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is essential for male sexual development. Therefore, men requires HCG to help restore their testosterone production. HCG in men acts on the testes to increase the production of testosterone. The hormone improves sperm count and increases sexual development as well. Book Now ($200)
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